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June 09, 2005

Freedom of choice:  Void where prohibited by robed asshats

And in yet another why-should-this-surprise-anyone moment out of Flori-duhhhhhh, a tin-plated jackoff dictator-in-a-robe has once again his complete lack of morals on a community that doesn't necessarily want those lack of morals imposed on them.

An excuse-for-a-federal-judge in Jacksonville has decreed that the city of St. Augustine, FL must fly nearly 50 fag flags...

...yeah, I said "fag flags".  What's the heterophobic sodomite community think they're going to fucking do  about it, hm?  Picket me in their fucking pink taffeta?

...on the city's Bridge of Lions.

The ruling from U.S. District Judge Henry Lee Adams Jr. says the rainbow banners are to be flown for six days starting today.

And if I were the city fathers, I'd tell this pissweasel what he could go do with himself and his butt-buddies in the Jacksonville bathhouse.  This is another case of a group of perverted asswipes going through the courts to get what they can't obtain through legitimate means.

"Permitting a group to fly their flag from the Bridge of Lions enables that group to say 'We exist and this is what we stand for,'" said Karen Doering, staff attorney with the National Center for Lesbian Rights. "By denying this application, these city administrators are denying my clients their constitutionally guaranteed rights to freedom of speech and equal access under the law. That violates the First and Fourteenth Amendments."

That's absolute bullshit.  The only freedom of speech anyone has in this country is the right to say what one wants without fear of government throwing that person in jail.  This ain't that, and never has been, so there's your Article I argument out the window.

And for the sodomites to claim 14th Amendment protections based on something they choose to do is asinine in the extreme.

(Yes - choose  to do.  You twisted bastards still  haven't shown me the DNA sequence that proves that you fatherfuckers are "born that way".  Deal with it.)

The judicial mandate comes in connection with a lawsuit filed by Rev. Ruth Jensen and Vicki Waldren of the St. Augustine Pride Committee

Figures.  Faux  "reverends" filing a faux  lawsuit in a court run by a tin-plated faux  dictator.  Was the outcome of this travesty ever really in doubt?

and other pro-homosexual groups, after the city rejected a request to display the banners for a week during June, which is "gay pride" month.

The government is not required by law to provide anyone with the stage to spew one's methane out their piehole.  This excuse-for-a-lawsuit should've been laughed out of court, and the whiny little ferrets (apologies to ferrets) forced to pay treble damages to the defendants.

Adams' decision was based in part on First Amendment violations and "irreparable harm and loss if they are prohibited from flying their rainbow flags during the week of the annual gay pride celebration," according to the Florida Times-Union.

Can't be much of a group if the act of not allowing their pithy, pathetic widdle wainbow fag fwags to fwy on the Bridge of Lions can damage their swishy asses to the point where they can't recover, now can it?

Jensen, a homosexual-rights activist, had been told by the city the flags could not fly on the bridge, as the structure was reserved for groups of historical significance.

"It goes to affirm for us the importance of following through and not accepting a decision that we don't believe is right," Jensen told the paper. "All too often, groups, particularly minority groups, listen to the decisions that are handed down and accept them without attempting to remedy them."

Yeah, Jenthen?  Ith that tho?  Well, I'd give real money if St. Augustine were to "remedy" this situation by taking those "fag fwags" and stuffing them up your favorite dick receptacles - namely, your putrid anus.

Ropes, lampposts, bench dictators, militant heterophobic fucknozzles:  Some assembly required.

Posted by Lord Spatula I, King & Tyrant at June 9, 2005 07:38 AM

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