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November 21, 2005

PFW:  Eleven-on-eighteen still  isn't fair...

It's been over 36 hours, and Texas Tech still  hasn't gotten the ball over the fucking goal line.

Terrell 20, Hebron 22
Oklahoma 21, Texas Tech 17, Blind-Assed Fucking Zebras 7
LSU 40, Ole Miss 7
Dallas 20, Detroit 7

So much for Terrell.  Hebron intercepted a Terrell pass with two minutes to go to quell a last-ditch drive.

Oh, well.  At least they sent Sulphur Springs packing.  Props for that.


LSU had no problem with the Rebels.  No surprises there.  Bo Pelini's defensive starters shut down the Ole Miss offense.  A Rebel touchdown with three minutes left in the game provided the final margin.


Dallas had a letdown after the win over the Beagles on Monday night, and had they played anyone else, they very well might have lost yesterday.

Fortunately, though, they were playing the Detroit Lions, who have a ton of offensive talent, but no clue as to how to utilize it.  The Lions kept trying to run the ball (albeit with a modicum of success) and throw short passes instead of taking their shots downfield, where receivers Charles Rogers and Roy Williams would likely have destroyed the Dallas secondary.  Joey Harrington was Joey Harrington, meaning he was a younger, slightly more mobile version of Vinny Testaverde.

And while the Lion line held the Cowboy defensive front in check for much of the afternoon, it failed to at key times - once killing a drive when the 'Boys sacked Harrington and forced a fumble, which Dallas recovered, effectively ending the Lion threat for the day.

Don't expect Lion coach Steve Mariucci to survive after this year.


On to Oklahoma.  There's just no other way to describe the result of this game - and there's a reason why I posted that score the way I did.

I say this now, and for the record - Texas Tech did not win this game, but was awarded it by shitty officiating.  And I defy anyone to prove me wrong based on visual  evidence, rather than on some blind-assed zebra's ruling.

People's exhibit number one:  Fourth-and-three, Tech QB Cody Hodges drops back to pass.  The pass was tipped, and landed in the simultaneous grasp of Tech's Danny Amendola and OU's Darien Williams.

Amedola was awarded possession of the ball, but he was nowhere near first-down yardage, nor had he achieved forward progress.  But the Cataract Crew working this game awarded Tech the first down - by the very nose of the football.

Replay, inexplicably, failed to overturn the call like it should have.  Do so, and the game's over, OU wins.

A pass in the corner of the end zone was subsequently bobbled by the tech receiver - but, again inexplicably, the Cataract Crew signaled touchdown.  Replay thankfully pulled its head out of its ass long enough to overturn that one.

But two plays later, Replay stuck its head back up that ass with People's Exhibit Number Two.  Hodges handed the ball to running back Taurean Henderson, who hit the line and was dropped on his ass at the one.

Henderson, however, quickly flopped on his back and extended the ball over the goal line, where the blind-assed side judge on the far side ruled a touchdown.

With no time left, Replay - apparantly having decided that Tech's perfect home record and bowl possibilities were more important than getting the call correct, again refused to overturn.

Thus, it will go down in the books as a Tech victory, Red Raiders' coach Mike "Lard-ass" Leach's first against Bob Stoops.  But it's been clearly established now that, like New England a couple years ago, he has to have the officials' help to accomplish the feat.

Enjoy your "win", Tech.  You sure-as-fucking-Hell™ didn't earn  it.

I still have three teams playing this week, so we'll do a bonus PFW on Wednesday.  That one will wrap things up for this year, so make sure you're here for it.

Posted by Lord Spatula I, King & Tyrant at November 21, 2005 08:30 AM

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Speaking of "Terrell"

The rumor mill is churning furiously that Jerry Jones is going to grab T.O. when the Eagles release him after this season.

How will the Cowboys fans react considering his past buffoonery i.e dancing on the Cowboy star on the 50 yard line when he was with S.F and doing the same last year in the endzone?

Posted by: Elephant Man at November 24, 2005 02:51 AM

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