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November 17, 2006

PFW:  Taking up for the coach

Another Perfect Football Weekend™ kicks off with this nugget about a University of North Texas booster who got a little pissed about the sorry way that soon-to-be-ex-coach Darrell Dickey was unceremoniously fired three weeks after suffering a heart attack.

It was either rename it, [furniture magnate Jim] McIngvale said, or redirect his money to the acclaimed One O'Clock Lab Band, the showpiece at one of the country's top music schools. Mattress Mack was serious enough to take out a one-page ad Sunday in the Denton Record-Chronicle explaining his demand.

"Right's right and wrong's wrong. It's the right thing to do," McIngvale said. "I don't think firing a guy three weeks after he had a heart attack was the right thing to do, either. Even Wall Street is not that callous."

Dickey probably shouldn't have been fired at all.  It's not like North Texas does much of anything to support the football program.  McIngvale did the right thing here.

On to the PFW.  My Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets play their last game of the season tonight agaisnt the Aledo Bearcats in Round 1 of the University Interscholastic League playoffs.  Heights is 4-5 and Aledo is 9-1, so we all know where this  is going.

Speaking of knowing where a game is going, Vegas has Turner Gill's UBuffalo Bulls plus 39 against their opponent this Saturday.  That opponent just happens to be the Badgers of the 12th-ranked University of Wisconsin.

Yeah.  Bucky.  The Humble Devildog's favorite team.  If UB can just keep it in the ballpark, I'll be happy.  (How's that for metaphor mixing? (grin))

TCU's Horned Frogs will have a nice time at home tomorrow afternoon against the Aztecs of San Diego State.  Even with Ballard at quarterback, SDSU isn't expected to give the Froggies much trouble.  (Are  they, Gary Patterson?)

Also Saturday, 16th-ranked Oklahoma has about as much of a gimme away from the friendly confines as you get, as they'll be in Waco for a date with the Baylor Bears.  OU's a three-TD favorite on the road, and given that it's Baylor, that may be a conservative estimate.

Fricasseed Rebel will be on the menu in Baton Rouge Saturday as Ole Miss goes into the swamp to take on ninth-ranked LSU.  No one named Manning is playing QB for the Rebels tomorrow, so Bo Pelini's defense should be fat & happy after this one.

Sunday afternoon, the Greatest Football Team Ever In The History Of Ever, Ever™ - aka the Indianapolis Colts and All-Universe™ quarterback Peyton Manning - come to town to take on the Dallas Cowboys.  On both sides of the ball, this is the Irresistible Force™ meeting the Very Movable Object™ - Indy's defense can't stop the run, and, well, there's our swiss-cheese secondary just ripe for Peyton's picking.  Last one to have the ball wins.

I'm not looking for a second straight PFW - but stranger things have  happened, so...

We're back Monday or thereabouts for the recap.  Now I get to hear HDD go all insufferable on me about Bucky...

Posted by Lord Spatula I, King & Tyrant at November 17, 2006 11:59 AM

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The Buffalo Bulls aren't *that* bad of a team! They've even won a game! It was against Temple, but...

If I were you, I'd take the Bulls and the points. Bucky doesn't have the best record when favored by 20 or more points. Sure, they win those games, but, usually by a couple of touchdowns, not by the plethora Vegas bettors seem to think they'll win by. But, that was under Coach Barry. Coach Bret might not rein in his team as much as Barry.

In more related Bucky news, my Beloved Badgers should finish no worse than 7th in the BCS rankings. That's right. The best, and greatest conference, in college football will have three teams in the top 10 of the BCS. AND, my Beloved Badgers should finish ahead of the Leather of University of Texas. Bucky is in 9th in the BCS currently. All eight of the teams ahead of Bucky play at least one other team in the top 8. So, assuming that Ohio State and Michigan do no worse than swap spots, three of the top 6 teams will have one more loss, dropping them *just* enough move Bucky up the rankings. Louisville is 10th, and plays Our Sisters of Hope Parochial School for the next three games, where they will prolly run up the score to the tune of 50 or 60 point margins, so, they might be able to jump Bucky, meaning Bucky should net 2 spots in the BCS.

The 3rd best team in the Big Ten is better than the 1st place team in almost every other conference...stick that in your pipe, and smoke it.

Was that insufferable enough for you? (grin)

Posted by: the Humble Devildog at November 18, 2006 08:51 AM

Actually, that was rather tame.  The truly insufferables get tossed.  Ask John Wardle. :-)

(Incidentally, John - if you're reading this, I've lifted your ban.  I figure that, now that Washington's season is officially all but done - again - you've suffered enough.)

Posted by: Lord Spatula I, King & Tyrant at November 18, 2006 09:27 AM

When it's done at game 1, the suffering never really starts.

Posted by: LC John Wardle at November 18, 2006 09:35 AM

Hey, John.

If you really wanted revenge on Spats, you *could* point out that the Foreskins' owner sucks more than the Cowgirls' owner! Of course, they both don't suck nearly as much as dah raidahs (they'll get their name capitalized when they play professional football) owner...

One of the nicer things about being a Green Bay Slackers' fan is that you don't have to complain about an idiotic owner throwing a temper tantrum because he just broke his new toy, as Snyder, Jones, and Davis are wont to do. Since the City of Green Bay is the owner, and lets the GM do all the thinking...we can actually FIRE the idiot in charge. When was the last time an owner got fired? (Yes, I know. DeBartalo got 'fired' in San Fran, but, I'm asking about professional teams.)

Posted by: the Humble Devildog at November 19, 2006 08:25 AM