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July 23, 2008

And now, for something completely different - a divorce case that ends the right way

Y'know, Denizens, I've made a partial blog-career out of not only throwing Stephanie Dawn Stewart Crager - that is to say, Her Royal Doublewide Bitchiness - under the bus, but then having that bus stomp a mudhole and proceed to walk it dry (a little Jim Ross lingo, there).  The Six Or Seven Of You Who Still Read Me™ know that there's no love lost there.

Be that as it may, I still have to give Steffi credit for one thing:  She ain't Tricia Walsh-Smith.

For the Uninitiated™, this is the blonde-assed bimbo who attempted to try her divorce case in the Court Of Public Opinion™, aka YouTube.  (Go look 'er up yourselves if you want.  This skank makes Angelina Jolie & Amy Winehouse look chaste, and I'm not gonna give her the honor of the linkage.)  The trollop attempted to employ a campaign of character assassination against her husband, Phillip Smith of the Shubert Organization (a theatrical group) by airing her numerous & shrill, screeching grievances on a series of YouTube videos.

But yesterday, a judge gave her act the hook:

Yesterday a Manhattan judge granted Philip Smith, head of the Shubert Organization, a divorce from his wife Tricia Walsh-Smith, who became an internet sensation after making a YouTube video that excoriated her prominent husband for his stash of "Viagra, porn movies, and condoms."

And poor Steffi thought that me finding out about her backbiting me was scandalous. 

The video got over 3 million hits, but the judge was not a fan; yesterday he called it "a calculated and callous campaign to embarrass and humiliate her husband. She has attempted to turn the life of her husband into a soap opera by directing, writing, acting in and producing a melodrama."

I never thought I'd say this, but there's actually a blackrobe in the liberal capital of the East Coast - the same city that hosts houses harbors the New York Slimes  - a blackrobe that actually gets it.

Can my heart stand the strain?

The ruling declares the pre-nuptial agreement to be valid and gives Walsh-Smith thirty days to vacate the Park Avenue apartment owned by her husband, who will pay her $750,000. Smith told reporters he’s “happy with the outcome.” His ex-wife, not so much: “I think it's disgusting,” she said outside the court. "I'm really, really disappointed with the decision. I think it totally sucks. It's a horrible pre-nup. I'd be better off in Baghdad. Bush is bringing democracy to Iraq. He should bring it to New York."

Oh, that's right, you dumb-assed Cupid Stunt™:  Blame it on Bush.  Hell, it works for everything else, from high gas prices to my granny's bunions - why not this? 

Walsh-Smith has vowed to live in a tent in Central Park while her lawyers appeal, but the improved Wi-Fi in Bryant Park might make that park the better choice for uploading her next video.

As long as she's someplace where the pigeons can shit nonstop on her, I don't think I'd mind a bit.


Posted by Lord Spatula I, King & Tyrant at July 23, 2008 09:21 PM

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