According to information published by PayScale, the cost of living in San Antonio is about 15% less than what it is on average in the United States. >San Antonio, TX vs Andorra la Vella. Compare the Cost of Living in San Antonio, Texas against another US Cities and States. Cost of living in San Antonio. Family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,896.01$ without rent (using our estimator). can Here are all the reasons why living in San Antonio is actually better than living in its neighbor to the North. That information is particularly helpful if you’re offered a job that requires you to relocate, or you’re daydreaming about moving somewhere new for a change in weather or atmosphere. You would need around 3,840.39$ (3,148.46€) in Andorra la Vella 3,840.39$ (3,148.46€) in Andorra la Vella Counties and Metropolitan Statistical Areas in Texas. 40% Complete (success) 6621 /13,551 Most expensive cities in the world. Container Homes Bexar County Costs. For You Rents in Austin have been spiking, making it very difficult to find good housing at affordable prices. Compare the Cost of Living in San Juan with any other city in the world. Contact Are the other cities on your list more or less affordable than your current home? Knowing the concrete San Antonio costs is recommended before starting a concrete project. Ranking of cost of living by suburb based on the consumer price index and access to affordable housing (housing-to-income rates) using data from the U.S. Census and BLS. Good housing values exist in San Antonio because of an abundance of building materials, labor, land and an extended building season. Family of four estimated monthly costs: $3,694 Single person estimated monthly costs: $2,044 WARNING! Make accurate and reliable cost of living comparisons between your area and any other participating cities across the United States. 2020 Suburbs with the Lowest Cost of Living in the San Antonio Area About this List Explore the cheapest places to live in America relative to income. So, Missouri's lower cost of living gives a boost to the value of a paycheck in that state. COST OF LIVING: San Antonio: Texas: USA Overall: 89.7: 93.9: 100 Grocery: 91.4: 93.7: 100 Health: 93.3: 95.4: 100 Housing: 75.9: 84.3: 100 Median Home Cost: $175,400: $195,000: $231,200 Utilities: 94.9: 99.2: 100 Transportation: 99.3: 103.3: 100 Miscellaneous: 96.3: 96.4: 100 Learn More. Compare the cost of living in two cities using the CNNMoney Cost of Living calculator. The MoneyGeek cost of living calculator provides quick insights into how much you’ll pay in housing, utilities, groceries and other expenses in a given city. Members receive 10 FREE city profile downloads a month, unlimited access to our detailed cost of living calculator and analysis, unlimited access to our DataEngine, and more. See what you'll need to earn to keep your current standard of living wherever you choose to work and live. U.S. median household income (MHI) was $60,336 in 2017. Rent in San Antonio is, on average, 62.43% lower than in … Use's Cost of Living Calculator to easily compare the cost of living in your current location to the cost of living in a new location. Search. The average salary in the city is about $43,000 per year, but you’ll pay less than $1,000 per month in rent for the average place. Below are the most relevant links to Cost Of Living Calculator San Diego Vs Oklahoma City data. The cost of living is manageable when living in San Antonio. On our website, we have collected a lot of different data on the cost of living. San Diego, California’s cost of living is 44% higher than the national average. Includes average cost of groceries, health care, housing, goods and services as well as average prices of goods in San Antonio, FL. The average annual pay in San Antonio is $47,840.00, which is $6,493.00 lower than the salary average in Texas and lower than the U.S. average yearly wages by $5,781.00. Open the app and start learning about the neighborhood you are standing in... © Sperling's Best Places. In San Antonio, the cost of senior care is fairly close to the state’s median and according to the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey, the average monthly cost for assisted living care is over $1,000 less than the average cost in the Austin area at $5,190 a month. Cost of Living in San Antonio. Cost Of Living In Mumbai For A Single Person, What Is The Cost Of Living Near Huntsville Alabama, Cost Of Living For Social Security In 2018, 2015 Cost Of Living Increase For Federal Employees, Statistics Canada Cost Of Living Index 2012, Terms and conditions Learn About COLI. Texas general sales tax is 23% higher than the national average. Let us help you make an informed decision about what it will cost to live and work in the city of your dreams! High Yield Checking and Savings Account Rates. My current pre-tax household income: To maintain your standard of living in San Antonio, TX, you need to earn: $44,708. You will find links to both official statistics and people's impressions. 238 Reviews | Review This Place | Photos and Maps. It is free and quick. Home prices in San Antonio run 29 percent below the national average and are available at less than half the cost of comparable housing in some cities. Compare cost of living in San Diego with factors like salaries, housing expenses, groceries, utilities and more. Price in San Antonio, Cheap Expensive. Average costs are calculated based on whether you are living on campus, off campus or at home with your parents. Data source: ACCRA. The city with the shortest rush hour commute is Lutz. Sitemap, © Copyright Working Holiday Pty Ltd ABN 24 615 642 825. Partner If you're considering moving to another town or city you may be wondering what salary you'd need to maintain your standard of living in the new location. United States (USA) more about this country Summary of cost of living in San Antonio, Texas. Federal census data estimated the city to be home to approximately 1.5 million people as of 2019.