Varactor Diodes. Best Gaming Monitors. Voltage-controlled oscillators. sciencewriter-dot-net. if the width of depletion layer is less, the capacitance will be more, and vice versa. The V varactor diode is a Motorola type MV1662 with a 250 pF maximum capacitance, but it can be substituted with whatever is on hand. No further diffusion of charge carriers through the depletion layer is possible unless an external voltage is applied. It causes the width of depletion layer to decrease, resulting in higher capacitance. Fig5. A varactor diode is a simple variable capacitor that allows oscillator circuits and other circuits to be easily tuned by applying a voltage. When the voltage applied to decreases, the capacitance decreases. Except for some portion of the molybdenum studs, the entire arrangement is enclosed in a ceramic layer. CircuitLab Home Example Circuits A varactor diode uses a p-n junction in reverse bias and has a structure such that the capacitance of the diode varies with the reverse voltage. It is mainly used to replace variable capacitors that need to be operated mechanically for changing the value of capacitance. Then we have a Schottky diode. n can have the value 1/2 for varicap diodes using alloy junction, and 1/3 for diodes using diffused junctions. A varactor diode is a semiconductor diode whose junction capacitance varies linearly with applied voltage when the diode is reverse biased. Best Solar Panel Kits To learn how a varactor diode works, you need to first understand the working principle of a variable capacitor: A capacitor consists of two conducting surfaces separated by a non-conducting dielectric medium (see figure below). Since the loss of energy is mostly considered as a negative attribute, higher the relative value of the ratio, the better. When the voltage is increased, the waveforms vibrate much faster. You can observe that the junction capacitance of a varactor diode is inversely proportional to reverse bias voltage. The equivalent circuit of the varactor diode is mentioned in the figure along with the symbol. The property of varying capacitance is utilized to achieve a change in the phase of an electrical circuit or in the frequency. I know this is basic but I am a little stuck! The result is a magnitude which is relatively small and it's acceptable to ignore it. Varactor Diode Basics As the purpose of this diode is to vary the value of capacitance hence the other name for this diode is a volt cap or varicap. Top Robot Vacuum Cleaners Please view our large selection of varactor diodes below. Here's an example of a tuned inductance-capacitance (LC) circuit whose frequency you can adjust by varying the voltage across a varactor. A varactor is a non-microphonic, comp;1ct, electronically var­ iable capacitor whose capacitance can be rea