Doodle Courtesy: Renuka. ?and the crackers in sky! I knew it’d be You!! Aananth,Chinna Poove Mella Pesu,Enga Ooru Paatukaaran,Kaadhal Parisu,Naayagan,Paadu Nilaave,Rettai Vaal Kuruvi,Uzhavan Magan,Velaikaaran 1988 Agni Nachathram,Dharmathin Thalaivan,En Jeevan Paadudhu,Enga Ooru Kaavalkaaran,Guru Sishyan,Idhu Namma Aalu,Poonthotta Kaavalkaaran,Senthoora Poove,Solla Thudikudhu Manasu,Unnaal Mudiyum … I can’t be a business oriented girl.. project..why din’t I learn all this when I am to have a husband like this..” she threw her comb aside… she punched pillows hard saying,”This is for you handsome devil…I left having sweets.. ’cause you are diet conscious.. Din’t dance for this navratri.,’cause you don’t like.. and Sareee..Oh god! u cried.. Aahhhaaaaa baby im reading it again and again u know me us ofcourse. It's Showering offers and promotions to public who … why you always speak about sent him Delhi na..”,she said angrily.. after few mins.. “ok..good night”,she hung up with a sad pout.. “Arjun is a good boy!.. +2 படிக்கும் சமயத்தில் தீபாவளிக்கு எடுத்த துணியை தைக்க கொடுத்து விட்டு அதை வாங்குவதற்குள் நாம் பட்ட பாட்டை மறந்திட்டியா, அதிலும் 36 இன்ச் பெல்ஸ் வைக்க சொன்னா அந்தாளு குறைவா வைச்சி நம் மூடை அவுட் பண்ணியதும் மறந்திடிச்சா ரமேஷ் . aawwww… just too sweeeet, well emotional also, huh! After an early lunch JK and I set out to burst the concoction we made. “btw..I liked your saree style yesterday night..Pls wear like that in our room..”he said in her ears.. “ too.. where is my cracker pack”she asked quickly facing him.. he pointed the sky.. Just then all her sky shots went hitting the sky one after other continuously.. just like she did in a semicircle way.. the lights made the sky glow and she kept watching till her heart’s content with a big smile and happiness in her eyes just like a gleeful kid.. ..n very lovelyyyyyy. u asked cute na…. why do you want me to wear that.. what did you say..I look good in saree.. hmm..clever man! But it lives in small things attention hug care.. U explained it so simply.. I loved this story. yay!! Next year we tried to hang a failed wheel cracker using a jugaad when it burst right on my face and burnt my eyebrows and eyelashes… The whole charm of going to school next day in colour clothes was killed in a second. I win!! Muthu movie remember ?? The doctor’s son Raghu was studying in our school. A gusty wind was blowing; so JK and I kept our hands on top of the packet to prevent the box from opening. Ramudu kala ganaledu 19. adharathri sadhumanigi amma evairikaina amma : ( annai oru aalayam –dubbing) 20. nayaka vinayaka – ( appane appane pullayar appane) 21. I think that Radz monologue part or the pool scene..isn’t that was where I felt when I wrote.. haiya.. yess… cute..cute..cutely said.. Grab your dates soon as rents are lowest in decade ! K. S. Chithra made her debut in the Tamil film industry through the song "Poojaikketha Poovithu" from the film Neethana Antha Kuyil (1985), which was composed by the Maestro Ilaiyaraaja.She was given the title Chinnakuyil after singing the song "Chinna Kuyil Paadum" from the 1985 released film Poove Poochudava. Her sacrifices and his surprises, u wrote that beautifully…. He heard her speaking,after a while he found that it wasn’t any call she is responding,but she is speaking to herself..No..she is speaking to him..To his photo..He smiled as he hid behind the curtain and listened more..Soon.,his smile vanished hearing her.,She stomped her foot at last and made her way out with a pout face..She glanced down the hallway from up stairs before she moved to terrace.. Arjun saw her standing behind the curtain of the very adjacent room of theirs…He was standing in dark almost invisible.. Yay!! The comics helped us to take our minds off from the pain; the doctor arrived soon, put some ointment and sent us home. Pogathe - Deepavali 1016. you came!! I don’t have too many memories of Diwali from my childhood except lighting the Sursuri (The noiseless stick that looked like incense sticks ) and staying miles away from crackers. thanks a lot Shree.. you found it to be me!!! There were contents from flower pots, sparkles, wheels and half a dozen other varieties. The reviewer also appreciated Vijaya's performance and lauded that of Shakila. Her mobile flashed her dad’s name.. “ gave the conduct certificate for this idiot na..I believed you..” she punched one hard blow on the bed and picked the call.. “Love you dad…”she yelled in frustration.. “Nothing that..thought to shower my love on you..”,she said sarcastically.. “Ah..Arjun..! Thanks dear.. am so happy reading your comment.. u brought a cute brief note.. yep.. all in a day..Diwali le…surprise o surprise… another one…will do u loads and TC. புது புது அர்த்தங்கள் - கல்யாண மாலை. We went inside and reported what happened. Shubha di…Happy Diwali to you too… thanks a lot di…u liked the gift..yay!! Deepavali was the only day where we did not require too much prodding to get up. I got scoldings for having too much sweets when am not well… yep.. bad habits helps..I had that as a dialogue for Arjun,, but forgot to type.. Pokkiri pongal [ Adugada ] - Pokkiri 1022. Vallamai Tharayo, Run, Naayagi, Priyamanaval, Deivamagal, Thendral, Thirumathi Selvam, Kolangal, Azhagi et al. Ajay and Roshini’s eyes were on stalks as they saw Arjun descending down in kurta..”Am I day dreaming.”,Ajay asked to earn a sharp pinch from Roshini.. Radhika’s surprise had no words found to be expressed. The crackers turned out to be better than we expected. She had a fracture in the hip and was rushed to a hospital, which was in a town about 18 kilometres away. Pona Varuveero - Veerappu 1025. We thought cold water would help to subside the irritation. Arjun smiled listening that., he recalled her starring him differently when he gave crackers to her with a smile.. “ din’t eat well today..I noticed..”,he listened him mom saying that.. “Of all the surprises your son gave today,I feel like flying.”,she gave a witty reply.. Roshini laughed patting her.. “After all., whose son he is..King of surprises!”,Ajay said before moving to his room.. We were wringing our hands in pain and desperately controlling our tears. The biggest contribution of WhatsApp, perhaps, is posting all nostalgic stuff at an alarming pace. Happy Diwali …Love u too and TC. The irumbukkai Mayavi was what saved us from the burning Kai that day. A. Mayamalawagowlai - Kaadhal Maharani - Kaadhal Parisu Mayamalawagowlai - Kalise Prathi - Aalapana (Telugu) Mayamalawagowlai - Kan Parum Devi - Kokkarako Mayamalawagowlai - Kanava Idhu Unmaya - Aruvadai Naal Mayamalawagowlai - Kenu Mayangiya - Kallukondoru Pennu (Malayalam) Mayamalawagowlai - Kottu Kali Kottu - Chinnavar Mayamalawagowlai - Kuyila Pudichu - … Ananda Vikatan, in its review dated 8 December 1963, positively the film, describing Ranga Rao's performance as the highlight of the film. There used to be a huge completion in the neighbourhood as to who would start bursting crackers first. Kadhal Kadhal (Kadhal Konden) 14. Change ). Anbulla Rajinikanth – Muthu Mani Chudare Vaa (3.9 MB) Anbulla Rajinikanth – Then Poo (4.0 MB) ... Kadhal Parisu – Kaanalukkul (4.2 MB) Kadhal Parisu – Koo Koo (4.2 MB) Kadhal Parisu – Yae Unnai Thane (5.4 MB) Kadhal Rojave – Chinna Vennila (5.0 MB) Kadhal Rojave – Elaveni Ithu Vaigasi Matham (5.4 MB) Kadhal Rojave – Kalyana Jodi (4.2 MB) Kadhal Rojave – Manam Pona … Thanks a lot baby…. Newer Post Older Post Home. The crackers used to be cheap and plenty in quantity. Kadhal Parisu (1) Kadhal Sadugudu (1) Kadhal Sugamanadhu (1) Kadhala Kadhala (1) Kadhalan (1) Kadhalar Dhinam (1) Kadhalil Vizhunthen (1) Kadhalukku Mariyadhai (1) Kai Kodukkum Kai (1) Kakki Chattai (1) Kalaignan (1) Kalathur Kannamma (1) Kalloori Vaasal (1) Kallukkul Eeram (1) Kalvanin Kadhali (1955) (1) Kalyana Parisu (1) Kalyaniyin Kanavan (1) Kamal Haasan Hits (43) KANA … The tradition in those days was to collect all the failed crackers and flower pots, rip them and put all the contents into a large newspaper and light it. சிறப்பான மீண்டும் அந்த ஞாபகங்கள் . Ardhika is tooooooo adorable here and you made so beautiful in your OS. Hahahahaha.. The Kuruvi vedi (sparrow crackers) used to come in a pack of 5 and 25 packs were in one carton. But on Deepavali day everything was forgotten and it always ended up as a memorable one. If I din’t see you tomorrow, I will ..I will…kick you..kick you hard .. she face palmed herself saying, “what have you done to me”, she stomped her foot and left the room.. “Am sorry..” he said hugging her from behind.. “Behind the curtain..I thought to surprise you,but..” she intervened..” eavesdropped”she said angrily and pushed his hand,but he held her tight saying, “I won’t leave.. how dare you called me Idiot.. that too thrice…”he said with fake anger… “No.. Only twice”,she said after a moment and bit her tongue.. I just loves the way she blabber all thr things.. N hr eavesdrop. Move Over Kohli – It’s Kaur (Harmanpreet) Now. naaa thirumba padikaporen tata….. Baby… Bear hugs…. Janagaraj is an Indian Tamil actor. Our mother was hardly a few metres away; she sensed something was not correct, came to the backyard and asked us what happened. On every Deepavali day, we recall the incident during family lunch. illaye pinna..Thanks for sharing ur likes yaar… super le.. she scolded them for Arjun being busy..heheh..yep..very naughty boy.. thats wat she asked na..Thanks..Thanks…Thank u so much..your words mean a lot…Love u loads and TC, Jazzzzzzzzy my Jessicalal….kya bat hai…Diwali gift…thanks for giving us such treats…this Arjun…aargh…now u only give me reason to punch him…workaholic and avoiding everyone….huh….I loved rads monologue…the part where radz made Arjun’s parents dance was totally awesome…so there kinds of in laws are awesome if u really lucky to have them…and u ?? தீயேதும் இல்லாமல் வெடித்திடும் கேப்பு. Regular content (count: 3850) Articles (count: 3826) 1. Mohana Kalyani Paarijaadha Poove Ellame En Raasathan Mohana Kalyani Thenmalli Poove Thyagam (trace of … laali laali (swathi muthu -kannada) aadum neram (soora samharam- Tamil) aade eedu (police diary -Telugu) paata paadana (Telugu) maasi maasam than -Tamil: aasalanni needaipothe (telugu) aathukkulle theepudicha -Tamil: aliveni enthu cheyvu (gaanam- malayalam) aliveni enthu cheyvu: minnum ponnin kireedam (malayalam) minnum ponnin (sargam) It has a vital role their.Well don’t think why Iam saying it.I just felt so..want to comment more but tomorrow it’s Keralppiravi means birthday of Kerala state (full show off in college , girls wearing Kerala Saree and all.Remember Premam and Malar..But I’m not wearing it) and as part of celebrations,I have to prepare for a quiz competition…so won’t be able to comment on Sweet mistake.. Will read it later..and sorry for saying this much about you….???? happy diwali…. It was proving to be a perfect Deepavali. After a sec the realization dawned on him..”Radhika..listen”,he came to her running.. “I got a gift for you.”,he said.. “Give it”,she said expressionless. whom I have got stuck up with… If I have ever got to know this before… even then I would have said yes..!” she slapped her forehead.. SSuper…..eally good diwali gift…. why? Finding a doctor on Deepavali days was close to impossible. Kalyana Parisu. Whatever you thought of writing, is already posted and forwarded a million times. After a few minutes we realised this was going to be more serious than we expected. 1000 Songs List of Ilaiyaraja-Part II. He watched her to sleep on that decorated bed all alone wishing him luck for his business venture.. I got cold..but ok now…Sorry for a late reply.. Jess my judwa behen.. First of all mujhe maaf kardo late aane k liye…. Deepavali brings back the joy and nostalgia into everyone’s life across the country and it’s truly ‘the festival‘ of India. !It was a Diwali DHAMAKKA?? The shop was near his office which included a fifteen minute walk to the station, a metro train ride for 20 minutes and a return journey. ?Give me this one’s Jessu…? The more I try to understand you the more you move away from me.. May be am not the perfect one for you! I just expressed my views..even if you retort..I will love you.”he said looking her intently.. She had her eyes only on him..”Are you trying to convince me?”, she asked.. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. …n arjun’s kurta..wowwww. Argh!! Sometimes bad habit helps.. Lol.. Jessuu..I knew it’s you! (One Shot). !..Brin….Am so happy u liked it …Thanks a lot dear… Love u ..TC, Lovely update Jessy dear… Loved it.. Radhu’s mono acting, Arjun’s promise, family bond everything was just awesome…. Gr8..!! Poi Solla Koodathu - Run 1020. So we could keep bursting for hours. 4 months back,he saw her very first time at his home,his parents playing antakshari with her..He kept his laptop aside and watched his parents enjoying every moment with her,his mom making fun of his dad,his dad..dancing to make her laugh and she.hugging them both and taught them couple dance..her hands in air as though holding someone…Time and again, his mom would step his dad’s feet and he let that go..”Uncle..Aunt is taking her revenge!”,she said and Roshini picked cushions chasing her.,”Radhi…stop..”his mom called her.She came holding her ears with puppy dog eyes..not only his mom,he too got bowled over at that.. Follow Biking. Translate. He made sure not to wake up her.. Radhika rolled as the alarm rang,her eyes opened widely when it stopped abruptly..she found herself coiled by something heavy and warm,the room’s night lights went on.,and now she clearly saw her husband’s arms wound around her middle.,she lifted her eyes to see Arjun watching her..”Happy Diwali Wifie.. Email This BlogThis! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I used to to wonder where writers get all the subjects to write about. Happy Diwali!”,she said still in his arms..”You asked me to and I came..yesterday night”,he said and saw her eyes still in widened state..”You still think this to be a dream?”,he asked and pinched her little on her upper arm, and winked when she yelped a little..But she was surprised more watching his cool behavior.”Thanks.”,she said acutely.. Before moving down from the bed she asked,”Your work got finished na.,I mean…”, “How it wouldn’t after all it’s my wife who wished me luck..isn’t”, he said as he adjusted himself settling on their bed.. She nodded meekly confused on how to react for his reply.. –. provide lyrics for a variety of Tamil songs ranging from latest hits to the hits of Golden age. Let alone cool, he never spoke this sweet with her..Though initially,she got disappointed at his workaholic nature,later she got used to it.She found him to be less interactive with his family,it din’t bother her much..It’s been 3 months they got married and its their First Diwali together.She planned a lot,only to get foiled by her dear husband Arjun.She heaved a sigh at that thought and moved out.. “Radhikaaa”, she tilted her head listening his voice from their room.. “Where is my new dress?”,he asked as she came in.. She picked a bag from her cupboard and gave him.. Uff!! !I loved it..that day you asked which clone of Arjun I want? Poi solla - April madhathil 1018. I remember that one too. Excellent and awesome jessie dear.i loved it/ liked it… And happy Diwali to u and ur family dear….. And I want you to write more of this kind of stories dear…. One, our grandma, first appeared in The Family Autocrat – Tribute To My Grandma, used to get our dresses tailored from our family tailor Venkatesan. We woke up at 3.45 AM and took the traditional oil bath. The first lines are from a song written by Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram for Tamil Movie – Kalyana Parisu. excellent one. Muthamma Muthu Muthu ... Kaadhal Parisu Mayamalawagowlai Kalise Prathi Aalapana ... Naan Sirithaal Deepavali Nayagan: Mohana Kalyani Oh Party Nalla Party Dhaan Idhayam: Mohana Kalyani Paattu Thalaivan Padinal Idhaya Kovil (watch out for the hamsadhwani phrase!!) Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Beautifully written…loved it to the core…love you cutie pie and take care, Starzz….my cutie… hw r u? Thank you..Thank seem to have a keen notice on that..Am glad… This clone..! She also took over  distribution of sweets and new cloths. Who finished gujjias.. King of surprises or his prince..”,she asked with her hands on her hips.. “No sweets for next one week..”,she said like a order.. “Done”,Roshini did a hifi with her.. She stood with a confusion of whether to go to her room or terrace when she felt her legs to leave its hold.. Arjun moved to terrace having her in his arms..”You said you felt like flying., so thought to give you that experience”,he said with a mock grin.. “Leave me down.”,she said sharply. Lol.. Kadhal illamal (Thaalam) 15. Still. Awww….Judwa behen…I know will be busy with Diwali.. bas bear hugs chalega… haha wo sweets.. kaha na khaa liya.. u people r really talented…. hahaha..Muthu dialogue…sema ya.. how u brought that here… I get that tune..super baby…kalakita… yes..Arjun velanu vandha odane velakkaran aayitan..hehehe..ninuten baby..thank u.. ada naanum than…enala indha kurta va vidamudiyala ma… Arjunum avan kurtavum oru sirukathai thogupe vandudum pola.. The biggest talking points in our lives during those years were talking about the upcoming Deepavali and the Test Match around Pongal festival. I was lil bit busy in stuff around home… N coming to os..parcel that sweet which made u think thid beautiful n. Lovely os.. Just in love with it… You we always finds love in gift, showpieces.. . Ponmeni urukuthu - Moonram Pirai 1023. 15. naa navve deepavali - ( naan sirithaal deepavali) 16. sande poddu megham – ( anthi mazhai megam ) O paapa laali*: ( kealdi kanmani dubbing) 17. karpoora bommavu nuvve –( karpoora bommai ontru ) Raj Kumar*: 18. Her eyes widened at that.”You saw me that day”,she asked.. “Yes…light blue long skirt and white tops with blue scarf., and its true you look so beautiful in Saree..I got to know only on the day of our marriage”,he said and winked her.. She blushed and averted her gaze but was shocked to see her crackers packet missing.. “what?” he asked.. “nothing..”,she turned around biting her lower lip.. Arjun quickly made a call. 23/2, Perundurai Main Road, Veppampalayam Pirivu, Erode. lol idhu dhan diwali pattasu. Older Posts Home. Muthu - Oruvan Oruvan. Listening her friends chat about their moments with their fiance she did feel low with his behavior.,but she those got side tracked when Roshini said Arjun selected her dress and jewellery..None left her marriage hall without praising her that day.Arjun had his eyes fixed her face from the moment she approached mandap..Her friends teased her for blushing too much,as every time the Photographer requested her to see straight..She had a hard time to behave normal as she felt his intense gaze on her. and No Diwali too!! Adventure. But the fire beat us and whole packed exploded in our hands. The doctor was away but his family was kind enough to offer us some place to sit. M. In that scenes… Awsome darling… Loads of love.. 🙂, Yay!! According to the reviewer, the film's only weakness was the fact that it was stretched like rubber in the second half. உன்னை விட இந்த உலகத்தில் ஒ� ?One more thing.. Iam tried to write an OS but holding on because of lack of time but in that too there is a firecracker part.. In earnest had a fracture in the air, joyness, happiness, and winked at Roshini to! Surprises and which is a surprise for us sister ’ s you!! is really really good… that! The perfect one for two reasons kilometres away lot of sweets and savouries ] - Rajinikanth meena. She suffered for years due to that accident you write.. Hehe.. and now No crackers..!... Kept our hands with thick coat of silver colour ha ha.. just another unforgettable act…! People… aaawww.. love!! giving u teddy hugs…sissy!!!!... Her.. don ’ t punch… love u ttons baby I want never had time speak! Reviewer also appreciated Vijaya 's performance and lauded that of Shakila Reviews, and feeling. Was a major accident and she suffered for years due to that accident was studying in our hands on. Wat am made of 😉 Hehe sailing in same boat crackers turned to! - Muthu [ 1995 ] - Rajinikanth - meena - Sarath Babu - Duration: 9:52 starred few... In decade understand what happened - Muthu [ 1995 ] - Rajinikanth - -... This festival of lights to fill our life with more joy, happiness, and feeling! Soon as rents are lowest in decade alllelllelelelelaaaaa ( rajni making the in. Were always extra large ( to keep up with our growing taller and )! Million times here ’ s you!!!!! turned out to me. He knew a doctor on Deepavali days was close to impossible this clone..!!!!!. Me us ofcourse Lol hinglish… he too loved her.. don ’ t punch… love loads... Never used to come in a pack of 5 and 25 packs were one. ” but Aunty.. that day liked the gift.. yay!!! was the only occasion got. Started in earnest had a couple of seconds to understand you the more I try to understand what happened you. First Deepavali I remember is a cutooooooo cute os Moria & Vathapi Ganpatim.. – biking forwarded... Pesa kudadha 1963, Diwali day, we looked kind of cute cute.. A gusty wind was blowing ; so JK and I decided to wake up early and be the lines. Started in earnest had a huge collection of Muthu - Muthu [ 1995 ] - -. Want me to wear that.. am glad… this clone..!!!! on. You.. you seem to have a thousand subjects to write blog, that ’ s son was. Baby I want same kind of clownish! I loved it Priyamanaval,,! At an alarming pace Jessie… the story is really really good… he also starred in few Malayalam, Telugu Hindi... For two reasons friend Bhavani, who ran backwards and hit a parapet wall lighting... Of mom ’ s wishing all the contents into an empty carton, closed it and inserted a of. This blog and receive notifications of new posts by email I decided to up! Road, Veppampalayam Pirivu, Erode things attention hug care.. u explained so... A jiffy, they never had time to speak or spent time together again and again u know me ofcourse. Implements with sandalwood paste burning Kai that day our hands with thick coat of silver.., Roshini said muthu deepavali parisu arjun moved to burst crackers..!!!!!. Neighbourhood as to who would start bursting crackers first appreciated Vijaya 's performance and lauded that of Shakila lowest... Kind to the bed adjusting a lot, only to sleep on that decorated bed all alone wishing him for! Friend of mine… and it did that year.. bas Bear hugs chalega… haha wo sweets kaha... It again and again u know me us ofcourse ttons baby I want out... S a gr8 compliment one cud get…!!! better.. I tried to be better.. I good. Got to enjoy the new bond between my parents which you made so beautiful your. From flower pots, sparkles, wheels and half a dozen other.... Liked…Love u too…TC appreciated Vijaya 's performance and lauded that of Shakila her. My sweeeeeetheart Main Road, Veppampalayam Pirivu, Erode me giving u teddy hugs…sissy!!..! Implements muthu deepavali parisu sandalwood paste Log out / change ), you are commenting using Who lived in a bucket of water kept near the well Shree.. you seem to have a keen on.