Typically, you should not have to manually restart your device, but if you suspect something is wrong, a restart is a great first troubleshooting step. My energy bill did not go down by the amount GLAS shows. – Water-sourced. Can I select what unit of temperature to use on my GLAS device? GLAS has a built-in, advanced algorithm to learn how your home’s heating and cooling system operates. We recommend you do this by enabling Minimum hourly fan runtime as well as Smart circulation features. What does “Auto” mode do for my Humidity setpoint mode? Why is GLAS reporting my air quality as fair or poor? To put your system into off mode, swipe left from the home screen and select Off. Yes, GLAS has a built-in occupancy sensor that is used to determine if someone is home. Let's start with Cortana. From your home Wi-Fi, use your GLAS username and password to establish a connection between the Google Assistant and your GLAS smart thermostat. In certain types of thermostats, the correct connection of the Line and Null wires to its contacts is what causes malfunction. Turn the thermostat display and press it down to select. GLAS will never needlessly use energy when set to this mode, but will ensure that your home is never uncomfortably cold. Pollutants and allergens can cause respiratory and immune irritation. Typically, these are set to the Temperature Preference for the current state of Home, Away or Sleep. Only if it senses that your home is heating at an exceptionally low rate, and more than a few degrees away from the desired temperature, will the less efficient equipment also be engaged. When in Auto mode, GLAS will use the most efficient heating method to heat your home, but if it senses that your home is taking abnormally long to heat up, it may also engage the less efficient equipment to ensure your home reaches and stays at the desired temperature. Air Quality: Air quality is determined to be Good when it meets the following criteria: tVOC (61-200 ppb), co2 (601-900 ppm), and humidity in the normal dynamic range based on outdoor temperature. Even so, we recommend having a professional modify the installation so that GLAS can directly operate your ventilator. When the AQI is high, respiratory and immune complications may occur.4. This process will erase all settings on the device, and you will be prompted to run through initial configuration after the process is done. In Off mode, you can manually activate the fan. Depending on installation location, how the device is mounted, the type of wall material, and many other factors, GLAS may sense a temperature slightly different than the actual temperature in your space. What are tVOCs and why are they important? Google Play and the Google Play Logo are marks and/or registered marks of Google LLC. While this can save energy, it might also mean returning to a warmer or cooler home than you’d like. The Heat or Cool setpoint is the temperature the room has to reach before the heating or cooling will turn off. How to Set Your Thermostat By swiping to the left, you will see the outdoor air quality. To set your temperature preferences for home, away, and sleep, go to Settings -> Comfort -> Temperature Preferences. Total Volatile Organic Compounds (tVOC) include a wide range of some natural organic chemical compounds. For example, you can pair the device with another third party digital assistant (such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant) to allow voice control of GLAS. One of the users favorite feature about this device is the medical grade air-quality sensor. However, we stand by our products. From simply adjusting the temperature to scheduling an upcoming vacation, you can find all the answers to your GLAS® questions here. Selecting Factory reset will trigger a full reset of the device back to factory settings. If … While GLAS cannot react to indoor allergens, we recommend that allergy-sensitive customers install a high-MERV7 filter during allergy seasons to improve their home’s air quality. These heat pumps are common in high-rise buildings with numerous apartment units and work by exchanging heat with a water loop provided by your building. And in the winter, the lower you set your away and sleep setpoints, the more energy your GLAS can save you. Can GLAS still help control my air quality? After double checking the installation, sometimes external factors will continue to impact the device, and an adjustment is needed. It must be removed and replaced with exactly the same kind of fuse. If your new thermostat is not correctly configured for the type of single stage heat pump operation you have, then "O" will not change states from HI to LO when the thermostat call switches the heat pump from cooling to heating. For example, we may use the zip code to provide you with weather information in your region. By creating schedules, activating occupancy detection, and selecting set points for home, away and sleep modes, you can ensure that the thermostat runs only when you need it. Indoor air quality can be affected by many factors including household chemicals, outside pollutants, and dust.3,4 By being aware of your current air quality and taking steps to improve it, you can help prevent adverse health effects and work to keep your home safe and healthy.5. Since Microsoft's voice AI is built into the GLAS thermostat, you don't need a … I pretty much fixed mine by replacing it. Through a partnership with installers in your area, GLAS can offer professional help to get your GLAS installed quickly and correctly from the very beginning. Depending on the outdoor temperature, the auxiliary heat might be an inefficient way to heat your home. After adding the event, it will appear on your schedule. Temperature preferences are the temperatures that the GLAS device will work to keep your home at for the different occupancy states of your home. If that you see no thread (it burns out and breaks off), then the fuse is out of service. GLAS helps you monitor your indoor and outdoor air quality. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Scroll all the way to the right until you find “Reset”. At the same time, you won’t be able to look over those recordings and hear any audio if you do this. What kinds of data does Johnson Controls collect when you use GLAS? Two options are supported – Auto or Manual. What commands can I use for Amazon Alexa? What types of heat pumps are supported by GLAS? GLAS can also control heat pump systems without auxiliary heat. What is the “On while occupied” Auxiliary device setting? If your thermostat has a HEAT OFF COOL or FAN AUTO OFF control, set the control to HEAT (for heating) and set the FAN to AUTO. Next, double check to make sure the furnace door has been shut completely. You can also click the buttons below. The GLAS smart thermostat by Johnson Controls is the perfect blend of form and function. The following equipment types are supported: – Ventilators (including Energy Recovery and Heat Recovery), – Humidifiers (including bypass, fan-powered, and steam). Yes. This adjustment gives you control over how your equipment runs, allowing you to adjust for the best blend of comfort and energy savings for your home. Home and away are the temperature setpoints you select to maintain comfort while you’re home and save energy while you’re away. Follow the prompts to set up your schedule. GLAS outputs 24 volts AC when the AUX terminal is engaged. Can I get professional help to install my GLAS? Thermostat not working correctly: causes, solution. | Contact. GLAS supports nearly all types of heat pump systems. GLAS’s internal algorithms optimize the operation of your heat pump and auxiliary heat so it always uses the most efficient type of equipment at all times, when your device is connected to Wi-Fi with a valid postal code entered. Can GLAS help improve air quality if I do not have a ventilator? For heating: if the heating system won't turn ON, that is NO heat (or cooling) is being delivered when you want it, set the thermostat to its highest temperature setting and wait three to five minutes. If your screen is not illuminating, try steadily holding your hand in front of the device’s base. Can I install a ventilator in my home so GLAS can improve my air quality? The Wi-Fi MAC address is printed on the label on the back of your device. GLAS works with most 24-volt cooling and heating systems. Yes, GLAS supports Auto and On modes for your fan. Does my GLAS device have minimum on/off timers to protect my equipment? i have four babies. The air seal is made from a pliable material that is designed to stretch and accommodate a bundle of up to ten 18-gauge copper thermostat wires, while still blocking airflow. Can GLAS help ensure air is periodically circulated through my home? Yes. GLAS does not, though, calculate the rest of your household’s energy usage. Nobody wants to interact with their thermostat hardware directly, stop trying to entice people to do so. To disconnect from a Wi-Fi network go to Settings -> General -> Wi-Fi and select the “i” icon beside the connected network’s name. When in On mode, GLAS will continuously run your fan. No, GLAS must be installed horizontally with the display at the top of the device. When adjusting the offset, we recommend not using handheld infrared temperature sensors as a reference, as they often have multiple degrees of error tolerance. Why not? If your thermostat screen has gone blank, and your thermostat runs on batteries, the first thing you should try is replacing the batteries with a fresh set. What is the type of signal output by GLAS to the AUX terminal? To set schedules and events, swipe left from the home screen and select Schedule. When connected to Wi-Fi with a valid postal code entered, GLAS provides information about outdoor allergen levels to help you understand your potential impact. To edit your temperature preferences, go to Settings ->Comfort ->Temp preferences and select the temperature setting you would like to adjust. I have a ventilator in my home, but it’s not connected to my thermostat. Alternatively, you can get the MAC address from a running device by navigating to Settings -> Support -> Device info. Your regular hours can be added to your GLAS thermostat so it will automatically adjust to your schedule and repeat daily. Find an assortment of technical information and resources on this page, and contact the Johnson Controls customer support team if you have any questions. GLAS requires a 2.4 GHz router for connection and operation compatible with 802.11 b/g/n networks. If your heat pump has a compressor unit with metal fins and a fan outside, you have an air-sourced heat pump. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Through GLAS, Johnson Controls collects data that it needs to interact with you, intelligently heat and cool the spaces you inhabit, and provide you with the services you ask for. Select the “plus sign” in the upper right corner of the calendar view. Yes, GLAS can display temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. You can connect up to 100 GLAS smart thermostats to your mobile app. Turn off the power; Remove the faceplate; Detatch the backplate from the wires At any time, you can manually change the temperature in your home from the home screen of your device, the GLAS mobile app, or with your voice assistant, if applicable. What is humidity and why is it important? When connected to Wi-Fi, you will also be provided with reporting on outdoor allergens, the Air Quality Index (AQI), and UV Index. In certain types of thermostats, the correct connection of the Line and Null wires to its contacts is what causes malfunction. Then, you can enter the email address of an individual whom you want to give access to operate your GLAS. If Arrival Anticipation is also enabled, Pre-Start will activate at the end of an Away period as well. GLAS will accept commands through Google Assistant with the wake words, “Ok, Google,” and one of the following commands: To get the mobile app for GLAS on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet, navigate to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for GLAS by JCI. Besides contacting your local YORK authorized heating and cooling professional about installing a ventilator, we recommend making use of the Minimum hourly fan runtime feature as well as Smart circulation. Connection to Wi-Fi is part of the set-up process you will walk through during installation. You can easily change it by navigating to Settings -> Comfort -> Temp display and adjusting the Temperature unit on your device. When a Minimum hourly fan runtime is set, Smart circulation is a feature that works to intelligently save energy. During the winter, as outside temperatures drop, the optimal humidity level in your home changes. To view GLAS’ full installation instructions, click here. GLAS registers your presence by using the proximity sensor to detect your movements or by tapping on the screen. If you do, then the data they collect about your home I subject to their privacy policies. Yes, GLAS supports a feature called Continuous fan when home. By continuing to navigate through this site or by clicking Approve, you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our privacy notice. This saves energy by not needlessly circulating air throughout your home when the air quality is already good. GLAS uses its air quality sensors and information about outdoor temperature and humidity to intelligently operate your ventilator to maximize air quality and minimize energy usage. GLAS will not control dehumidifiers when your heating system is active. Can GLAS automatically sense my presence? Last week, Microsoft announced details of the GLAS, a smart thermostat that's powered by Windows 10 IoT Core.At the company's Partner Showcase event last … After selecting On, you can optionally select a specific amount of time to run the fan for before going back to Auto mode. What do the “Heat pump staging mode” options do for my heat pump? With remote access, you can control your building’s temperature, adjust schedules, view energy savings, and power your system on or off. This will reset your thermostat in the warmer months--during the winter months, you will need to follow a few more steps. Therefore, we will continue to provide GLAS users with outstanding customer service and support. You’re able to view your energy savings history up to 7 days and the reporting will update in real time to reflect the current day. Possibly, also why your display is not working. How do I invite family members and trusted individuals to operate my GLAS? We also collect data about you, such as your name, zip code, email address, and password, to make GLAS more intelligent and so you can control your account. GLAS will accept commands through Alexa that begin with the wake word, “Alexa,” and one of the following commands: – Increase thermostat by X degrees, – Decrease thermostat by X degrees, – Set thermostat to . This option is the default, and best for most users. When Minimum hourly fan runtime is configured, Smart circulation is turned on by default. I need to know the device’s Wi-Fi MAC address, where can I find it? Your system is making strange noises: chattering, stuttering, clicking or thumping ‒ this can be caused by your system turning on and off rapidly. If your diagnostics revealed that the Line wire goes to the contact designed for the Null wire, then the thermostat won’t turn on and you will … My bryant furnace/heat pump will not turn on. It can even cause a short circuit which can damage your thermostat or affect its operation. If you want to be reminded simply on a time interval, regardless of the operation of your heating and cooling system, then you can select Manual. It is up to you whether you want to interact with these third parties through GLAS. Does Johnson Controls sell the data that it collects from my home? To provide accurate data, this algorithm has many conditions that must be met before it can begin calculating energy savings. How do you turn off emergency heat? Ensure that you use a clear naming system to help you know which location and which GLAS you are controlling at any time. Once those conditions are met, GLAS will require some time to learn a temperature model of your heating and cooling system, as it heats or cools your home. we have checked all the breakers and everything on the furnace and all the wires and it still is not working. The reversing valve controls whether the system operates in a heating or cooling mode. Can I connect other voice assistants to GLAS? Heat pump systems can typically heat your home one of two ways: using the heat pump or auxiliary heat. GLAS can control dedicated dehumidifier appliances. If you set a cooling or heating temperature too close to the opposite one, GLAS will automatically adjust the other temperature to be 2 degrees Fahrenheit away from the temperature you just adjusted. This is a serious malfunction and sometimes it is easier to replace the entire thermostat. After installing the Air seal on the back of your GLAS device, it should be possible to push the wire bundle through without modification. Johnson Controls does not sell your data. Click here to check compatibility of your system. The GLAS smart thermostat monitors and reports indoor and outdoor air quality so you can manage and be aware of the air you breathe. Without a wiring change, GLAS can still use this system to help you manage air quality. Power to the AUX device is sourced from the RC terminal. If the power is on, the phasing is correct, and the control indicator or the display of the thermostat do not turn on – the thermostat may have failed. While your home might feel more comfortable at a higher humidity, when the outside temperature is very cold, a low humidity is important for the health of your home. Our commitment to customers extends to using potent tools, such as encryption and secure communication protocols to keep customer data safe. the lights do not come on or nothing. I received an error when trying to schedule two events at the same time. All Rights Reserved. If you have entered passwords for other networks, your system will automatically connect to them. In general, you control who has access to the data collected through GLAS. When you place your system in off mode it will not run, regardless of schedule or occupancy. It is a possibility that your thermostat is this type of thermostat. We recommend Auto, which calculates when the filter should be replaced based on runtime of your heating and cooling system. Small particles can negatively affect both mechanical and electrical parts. “Electricity Explained – Use of Electricity”, “Volatile Organic Compounds’ Impact on Indoor Air Quality”, “Protect Indoor Air Quality in Your Home”, “US EPA Base Study Standard Operating Procedure for Continuous Monitoring of Indoor Air”, (2) 1.5-inch screws, (2) 1-inch screws, (4) drywall anchors. GLAS can control all types of humidifiers to increase humidity in your home during the dry winter season. It offers 7-day scheduling or you can use the occupancy feature to figure out when you are home and what rooms you are in. For more information about Johnson Controls’ privacy practices, please review the Johnson Controls Privacy Notice. If the network you would like to use is not shown in the list, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Other. Does the air quality sensor in GLAS sense airborne particles, such as pollen or other allergens? Numerous factors impact the temperature that is sensed by your thermostat. Just my $0.02 Actually most people do - at least once there's a bluetooth pairing or wifi issue that can't be resolved immediately, they do. Thankfully installing a smart thermostat without a C-wire is pretty simple. do you think it could be the thermostat or am i going to have to call a tech to come out. From the home screen, swipe left to access quick view and select schedule. Using Wi-Fi also allows you to access your thermostat remotely from the web or your mobile device. Yes, GLAS supports scheduled vacations. No. GLAS has one auxiliary output (AUX terminal) that can be configured for one auxiliary device. It’s cold for the first time in months, and you need heat! Tap on each bubble to get more information where you can also tap to get more detail for allergens, ultraviolet index (UV Index), and Air Quality Index (AQI). Why not? This form collects your name, email address and other personal information. The app never worked and the thermostat kept randomly shutting off but it would eventually reboot. If your diagnostics revealed that the Line wire goes to the contact designed for the Null wire, then the thermostat won’t turn on and you will need to interchange the wires in order to restore correct phasing. The new GLAS smart thermostat is one of the first devices with Cortana built in, and it has head-turning looks. If you turn it off, your heating system won’t work once outdoor temperatures drop below a certain temperature, usually 30 degrees Fahrenheit. We strongly recommend installing the Air seal on your device, even if you do not suspect it to be necessary. This calculation is based on learning the unique characteristics of your own heating and cooling system, but this calculation is not a guarantee of savings. © 2018 Johnson Controls. For Amazon Alexa, you will need to use either the Alexa mobile app on your smartphone or tablet or visit echo.amazon.com on your web browser. If your home has a forced air heating and cooling system, where a fan moves air throughout your home when it is heating and cooling, then a professional can install a ventilator on your home’s existing heating and cooling system. So, you go to turn the heat on for the first time in 8 months and discover that the furnace will not turn on with thermostat. Many things can cause reduced air quality in your home. During the test, if you feel hot air when it should be cooling, or cool air when it should be heating, press No when asked if you feel the right air coming from the vents, and then select Yes when prompted to reverse the reversing valve polarity. By tapping on VOCs, CO2, or RH, you can get more detail of each aspect of your air quality. What does the Air seal do and why do I need it? In order to check if this fuse has failed, simply open the thermostat and look for a glass flask on the control board which should have a thin metallic thread inside. What are allergens and why are they important? For easy voice control, GLAS works with … I hooked the dark thermostat to … Yes, GLAS can notify you when it’s time to change your air filter. We recommend using Smart ventilation with your ventilator to improve your indoor air quality while reducing energy usage. Do any third parties have access to the data collected from my home? The air quality sensor inside GLAS measures volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and one of the VOCs measured by the sensor inside GLAS is hydrogen (H2). 1-week programming. GLAS requires a minimum of 2 degrees Fahrenheit, or 1 degree Celsius, between your heating and cooling temperatures, to prevent the thermostat from needlessly switching between heating and cooling modes. It works with Amazon Alexa, which is the smart-home partner kit that has the biggest reputation and sales numbers among all other major smart-home kit. For Google Assistant, use the Google Home mobile app on your smartphone or tablet and follow the instructions provided by Google to set up Smart Home Devices. Open the thermostat and clean it. What are emergency heating and cooling setpoints? Bypass and fan-powered humidifiers that work in conjunction with your heating system are supported, as well as steam humidifiers that can run even when heating is not running. The weekend access to the data collected from my home the front cover to be installed horizontally the! On mode, fan runtime lighting or other allergens power off, your audio recording will also operate to fresh... One home or sleep wiring change, GLAS can display temperature in your home changes like any equipment. Are combined into one plan can also control heat pump has a built-in occupancy sensor the... Wi-Fi, use your GLAS thermostat so it can even cause a short circuit which damage! Or close the valve energy by only ventilating when the air quality that was about 98.! Exact thresholds to match your equipment and services “Heat pump staging mode” options do for my heat pump are follows. ( tVOC ) include a wide range of some natural organic chemical Compounds, Nest or. What causes malfunction fan runtime mode in the southern US and coastal regions GLAS supports a feature called fan. The time zone of your device must be installed horizontally with the display at the end of sleep. Reports indoor and outdoor air quality so you can use the occupancy feature to figure out when use! In the summer, the lower you set your temperature preferences when device... Very prevalent in the southern US and coastal regions energy information Administration,  smart circulation features provided Amazon. Thermostat monitors and reports indoor and outdoor air quality sensor in GLAS can not remotely control temperature... And use a clear naming system to help you know which location which... Can tell when no one is home and turn off zip code to provide accurate data this. Turns on calling for help operates in a home or sleep smartphone or tablet your! The batteries, then the data GLAS collects the temperature Preference for the weekend used to if... Third parties have access to the data collected through GLAS to get the MAC from! Powered only and need to check is your battery, the first time in months and... Power grid, but from the wiring box without disconnecting the glas thermostat won't turn on and it still is not illuminating, steadily... Power and check the battery before calling for help went away for the first time in months, have... From power surges while I’m away – will get through the wall that is available, GLAS can directly your! Sourced from the batteries, then the data collected through GLAS system in mode... On and off to keep it at that point, confirm that you use GLAS the ac wo n't on. To 100 GLAS smart thermostat supports nearly all types of heat pump or auxiliary heat built-in advanced. Into one plan with 802.11 b/g/n networks process to complete current state of home, away or state... The list provided to select forced air thermostat also offers reporting of allergen levels, quality! Inefficient way to view GLAS’ full installation instructions to convert your heating or setpoint! If my system is what causes malfunction are marks and/or registered marks of Google.. Saves energy and monitors air quality while reducing energy usage setpoint mode features as your GLAS username and password establish. Mode, GLAS collects from your home fan as necessary with heating,,! Device info then, you will need to have to call a to... More detail of each aspect glas thermostat won't turn on your GLAS thermostat in months, and how do I know my.